Fiat Tipo

Fiat Tipo up to 1,400cc / day:

May: € 30.00

June: € 35.00

July: 01-15: € 40.00

July: 16-31: € 50.00

August: € 55.00

September: 01-15: € 45.00

September: 16-30: € 35.00

October: € 30.00

Winter: € 30.00


Car rental terms:

Age of drivers

It is important that this driver is 23 years old to rent a car and 18 years old to rent a motorcycle. However, you must have a valid driver’s license for at least 3 years.

Rental price

The price includes all taxes, unlimited kilometers within the Island, pick up / delivery, roadside assistance and insurance of third parties, Map of the island, Child seats (child seats available on request, free of charge).


The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours).

Driving license

Anyone interested in renting a car in Skopelos must have a valid driver’s license, where it will be valid for at least 3 years. Permits that are in a non-Roman alphabet, for example Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, etc., must be accompanied by an official translation.

Insurance coverage: The lessee is covered by insurance in accordance with article 5 par. 2 of Law 489/1976 for killing or causing bodily harm to third parties and damage to third party property, otherwise by the minimum insurance coverage provided by the applicable law the time of lease.


You can pay by cash or credit card (valid Visa or MasterCard is required).

Vehicle collection

Upon receipt of the vehicle, the tenant will be given a rental agreement to check and sign. The Rental Agreement will show all the services and insurances provided as well as any additional services / insurances that the tenant may request with the relevant charges.

It is very important for the tenant to check and report any damage to the vehicle in order to avoid any charges related to damage caused by a previous tenant. The tenant must sign on receipt / delivery a contract form for any damage to the vehicle.

Collection / Delivery

Free all the time.


All our vehicles have third party insurance. For full insurance you should contact us.

Additional charges

Also, all rents are charged based on a 24 hour billing period. Only when the rental exceeds the 24-hour cycle, an additional day charge applies.


Cancellations are free and can be made by e-mail or by calling the ‘Skopelos Tours’ support team 15 days in advance.

General terms ….

Transportation of the car

Transportation by car: Prohibited!

Rental extension

If the tenant wants to keep the vehicle longer than the contract period, they should contact us to extend the rental agreement, if possible.

Parking fines / traffic violations

The renter of the vehicle is solely responsible for any traffic fines and related administration costs (material damage – mechanical and gasoline) that occurred during the rental period.

In case the tenant returns the vehicle and the cabin has stains that require a special cleaning process, he will be charged an additional fee.

Ενοικίαση οχήματος

Fiat Panda
από €25/ημέρα
Πόρτες: 5
Επιβάτες: 5
Αποσκευές: 4 Suitcases
Ταχύτητες: Manual
Κλιματισμός: Yes
Ελάχιστη ηλικία: 23
Fiat Tipo
από €30/ημέρα
Πόρτες: 4
Επιβάτες: 2
Αποσκευές: 4 Suitcases
Ταχύτητες: Manual
Κλιματισμός: Yes
Ελάχιστη ηλικία: 23