Mamma Mia

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Our tour starts from the town of Skopelos, we visit Agios Ioannis at Kastri Glossa, where the famous wedding scene of the movie Mama Mia was shot. Then we go to Kastani beach where most of the scenes of the movie were shot, we stay for swimming and after that we return to our base in Skopelos.
Agios Ioannis Kastri
Our first stop is Agios Ioannis of Kastri. The now famous from the movie Mama Mia church, of Agios Ioannis is located on top of a rock, in the sea, at a height of about 100 m. To get there you have to climb about 106 steps. The stone-carved staircase is well protected, as the steps are carved into the rock. From the top the view to the Aegean Sea is dazzling.
According to legend, a fisherman from Glossa, returning one night, from fishing, saw a light at the top of the rock. He watched it every night, until a woman appeared in his sleep and revealed him that there was an image of a saint at the top of the rock. When he finally climbed up there, he found the icon of St. John the Baptist. So, he took the icon, and transferred it elsewhere, but the icon mysteriously returned to its original place, where they finally built the chapel, which celebrates on August 29.
Kastani Beach
After the magnificent landscape of Agios Ioannis, we will visit Kastani beach, definitely the most famous beach on the island and perhaps one of the most beautiful ones. Its incomparable beauty with its crystal clear waters and white sand is embraced by the dense pine forest of the area, which reaches up to the pebbles. There is a fully organized Beach Bar there. Kastani starred in the Hollywood musical Mama Mia. Hollywood producers and actors were enchanted by her stunning scenery.
The musical Mama Mia was released in 2008 by universal studios and was a huge success worldwide. The summery, light, original script, the popular songs of ABBA and the talented and famous actors, made the film breathtaking and Skopelos known all over the world. Skopelos, Skiathos and Damouchari beach in Pelion, were selected by the filmmakers, between 21 islands.
The magic of Kastani won them over, and so that beach became the main location of the shooting. The scenes shot in Kastani are: Sky and Sophie sing embracing inside the sea, the song Lay all your love to me. Tania sings and dances in the sand the song Does your mother know. I have a dream is singing Donna (Meryl Streep) with Sophie’s dads, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Casgard, as they say goodbye to Sophie.
Relax and Enjoy your Hollywood moments in Skopelos.


The route to and from Skopelos lasts one hour where you will have the opportunity to hear the history of the island from our guide, who is willing to help you in any case.
The buses are fully equipped with airconditioning, special sun protection films, seat belts, fire extinguishers and pharmacy, in case of emergency

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