“Tour of the Island”

 “Skopelos Tours” organizes daily tours with modern and luxurious buses, taking the round of the island, following an alternative route through the green mountain, starting from the country of Skopelos and intermediate stops to enjoy the natural landscapes from above , such as the famous heart of Panormos. On our way, we also find the ancient church of the Protector of Agios Riginos, the top of the Platanakia hill, and the “krya vrysi” in the area of ​​Karya. We ,also, visit the village of Elios, where the award-winning Hovolos beach is located, making a three-hour stop for swimming.
Final destination is the famous church of Agios Ioannis in Kastri, with its two hundred stairs, where you have the opportunity to visit the Temple with a 40-minute stop and overlooking the view from above, enjoying the places where the famous Hollywood movie Mama Mia ‘ was filmed, and another small stop to go to the premises of the olive press of Glossas.

The tour starts at 12:30 from Skopelos and ends at 19:30.

The journey from and to Skopelos takes about an hour, where you will have the chance to hear the island’s history from our guide, who is willing to help you in any case!

The bus is fully equipped with air conditioning, special sun protection films, safety belts, fire extinguishers and a pharmacy in an emergency.

For reservations and more information, call us at +30 2424022900 or +30 6946277250 or email us at info@skopelosbustours.gr