Boat rental


With the object of renting boats for sea excursions, we offer the island’s visitors high level and safety services, having experienced partners for your safe service!

We offer rent boats of 4.5 and 5 meters with a capacity of 5-7 people, with excellent technical characteristics and safety specifications to provide you with a unique experience to be close to nature!

Our experienced staff will suggest the right boat and train you to use it for a safe sea excursion and suggest routes that will excite you!

It is possible, upon request, to be accompanied on your trip by an experienced captain (with extra charge), who will operate the boat and will safely approach unique points (caves, beaches, etc.) that only the locals know, so you will have the opportunity you to enjoy your trip carefreely.

Please check their features and equipment.



Information on renting boats

• Sailing limit: The sailing limit is one (1) nautical mile from the coast, based on legislation (1 nautical mile = 1852 meters).

Rental hours: The boat rental hours are 09:00 – 20:00 for as many hours as you wish (upon request). The departure time can adjust return time according to the circumstances.

• Fuel (petrol): The customer takes, upon departure, with him a 25lt tank. Besides, a second 10lt tank for reserve. The customer only pays the value of the liters of gasoline consumed. Usually, the fuel charge for daily rent is about 20.00 euros (depending on the use). Gasoline is brought by the rental company, not by the customer.

• Boat rental conditions: The customer is required to know how to swim, to be older than eighteen (18) years, to have his ID or Passport (NO Car Driving License). Please, the customer must have at least one (1) charged mobile phone to communicate at any time, for their needs.

You can rent a boat up to 4-6 people (without diploma) or a small speedboat up to 8 people (with diploma) to admire and swim on the islands’ enchanting beaches and the shores of the Sporades with the turquoise waters.

It is an excellent way to choose the beaches that you would like to swim in.

The boat can be rented for an entire day from 9:00 to 20:00.

You can make reservations for boat rental in our travel agency “Skopelo Tours.”